Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

On this blessed day, I am here to wish all of my lovely followers a merry and felicitous celebration on the advent of the freedom of our blessed nation from the hand of a tyrannic King (ha!). Thousands of men have given their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honour, to create and to preserve the freedom of not only our nation, but also nations around the world. On this day, we thank them for their sacrifice. But we must above all thank the Almighty God for blessing us with this freedom. We must not take for granted what He has given us, to many others wish for a mere fraction of the things we have. So as we celebrate with corn, watermelon, and sweet tea, let's remember where we used to be, where we could be today, and let us pray that the providence and protection of God that has brought us this far will continue to guide and light the way for our country into the future.
Source Unknown

In other words, 
Happy Fourth, Ya'll!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

100 Days of Fitness

A little over a week ago my Marmee, sister, and I heard about something called 100 days of fitness. Basically you do at least 15 minutes of high intensity cardio everyday for 100 days. If at any time you miss a day, you have to go back to day one. Each day you're supposed to post about it on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Soooo, although I've been doing it, I haven't posted about it anywhere, until today when I got the genius idea of blogging! Sooo.... Day 10 - 3 mile indoor walk/jog (mostly walking!) (I had a very nice picture for ya'll, but blogger wouldn't let me upload it... Oh well, it'll have to wait until tomorrow!) I {heart} working out!

Hey Ya'll!

Howdy! Welcome back to my blog! After almost 5 months (yikes!) without any sort of a blog design, I finnally figured out what I wanted and asked my sister (Ya know, the amazingly awesome and wonderful one?)  to design my header! I think she did an awesome job... Aaaand, in case you didn't notice, that's me on the Jones soda label! Because Photoshop is awesome, Jones soda is slightly awesomer (fufu berry anyone?), And my sister is even more awesome... In fact she's almost as awesome as my mom...
I know, I know, this is an incredibly random post, but hey, let's just call it the culmanation of (a small portion of) my randomness the past few months. (Did anybody get that sentence other than me? I don't think so)
Sooo, I'm officially back! Maybe now I'll get into the habit of posting regularly!
One more random thing - Sweet Tea. I met another sweet tea addict yesterday. I love the connectiion you feel with a person as soon as you discover your mutual love for sweet tea... Except he drinks Arnold Palmers too. Sinner! So.... This is for Jean Marie, Holly, Mark, and all other sweet tea drinkers in the history of awesomeness!
*Note, my (amazing) sister told me I should let you know that the third verse talks about alcohol. Watch at your own risk! Hahaa

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

National "Take An Italian To Papa Johns" Day

A few months ago, some friends from church started going through a process to open their home to a foreign exchange student. After several months of waiting, Cesare Rey (roll the "r"s, emphasis on the "re") arrived on Wednesday night. We started calling him Cez immediately because only a handful of us can roll our R's! Last Sunday night some of us met at Starbucks to hang out and get to know him better. We somehow got on the subject of food, particularly Italian and American food. He said they had gotten pizza one night, but he didn't like it at all. We all asked were it was from and he replied that it was from Pizza Hut. Everyone at the table pitched a conniption fit because Pizza Hut is such a bad example of American pizza. Some of us started joking that it was a piece of cardboard with some sauce and cheese on top. Cez's eyes got really big and exclaimed "that's what it tasted like!" (in his awesome Italian accent!)
The Starbucks we were at is right next to a Papa Johns, and every time we're in there after 9:00 or so (we generally close the place!), one of the girls from Papa Johns brings over a pizza on exchange for coffee for her and the other Papa Johns cashiers (pretty good deal if you ask me!). Sunday night was no exception. While she was choosing her drink, one of the girls in our group came up with a great idea. We all agreed that it was worth a try, so when she was leaving we called her over and introduced Cez. We told her that he was a foreign exchange student from Italy, and that Pizza Hut had given him a misconception of American pizza and we wanted him to try some "real" pizza. Then we asked if she could give him a sample slice of pizza. She said that, unfortunately she couldn't give him a slice, but if we wanted to sample a whole pizza, she could do that. How could we turn down free pizza?? So we asked for a pepperoni pizza and she left to get it for us. Apparently they were determined that the Italian boy like their pizza, because it was almost a half hour before she brought it to us. Of course he got the first piece, and we all sat there watching him eat his first bite, which he said later was rather awkward (the looks, not the pizza). He loved it! He said that it tasted exactly like Italian pizza and not a bit like cardboard! It was probably the best pizza I've ever had from there, even though it burnt our mouths because it was so hot and fresh! We joked about it the rest of the night. Someone actually mentioned taking Cez to a Porche dealer, which was especially funny because Porche is a German company, not Italian! I think it should be a national holiday, what do you think? Maybe next time we can find an Asian to take to Kobe!

A Giveaway!

Hey Ya'll! Guess What! Happy Homemaker Me is hosting a giveaway over at her blog! she's got some really cute stuff in her etsy shop like....

Black Beret
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... Plus some other really cute stuff!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Under Construction!

Howdy! Ya'll may have figured this out as soon as you opened my blog (I would have just asumed there was something wrong with my computer!), but my blog is temporarily under construction... I've done a lot of thinking about where I wanted to go with this blog, and I decided that it was time for a new design!
I figured out how I want it to look, and drew it on paper, so now I just need to get the computer to work with me!

Note: The Pink-and-Teal is my working background, not my finished design!