Monday, May 16, 2011

The First!!!

wellll... Here it is! My very own blog! in case you don't know Who I am, Heres a little about me:

I love Big words. I am trully and totally southern. I crave iced tea and chocolate milk on a regular bases {not together of course!}. I have an immutable need for Chocolate. I am a firm believer that Dr. Suess is even more of a genius than Einstien. Curious George is my hero. I used to have a crush on the man in the yellow hat - Imagine my excitement when I found out his name!  I think Mike Nawroki is almost as genius as Dr. Suess - He may be equall to Einstein. I have a violin named Christine {A.K.A Christie}and a shoulder rest name Jeptha. I am convinced that there is a taste difference between cake and cupcakes {cupcakes are better!}.  My Favorite Color is yellow.  I think Parenthese look better when they look like {}. I loooovvve the smell of cedar.  I randomly use capitol letters In the middle of Sentences.  I love School - all of it.  I use a combination of about twenty different random voices every day. Queen Victoria is one of my favorite people in history.  If I had the choice of when to be born, I would choose either 1798 in England or 1856 in Massachussetes. Sound of music may be my favorite movie ever. Or Despicable Me.  I wan't to make clothes out of drapes.  I have a desperate fear of pain.  I have a pattern for turning a guy's button down into a girls blouse that I'm dying to try! I hate the word "blouse" But it Sounds better than shirt sometimes.  I LOVE knitting lace! I have found that the best way to clean a room is to pile everything that needs to be put away in the middle of the floor and clean it up from there - basically, I make it worse Before it's better! I'm in the middle of a bedroom make over - can't wait to blog about it. My mom and sister are my best friends. I love taking pictures of random things. I loooove blogging!!!

welllllll, that was a lot and you probably didn't learn anything about me worth knowing!  Soo, if you really want to know about me, you'll just have to keep reading! 

{Post Script} I am so glad to get this first post out of the way! I have so much to blog but kept having to wait till I got Done with this one. sooo, now I can get to real posting!!!

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