Thursday, June 2, 2011

Partay time!!

Miss Lucia Marie over at Under My Little Unbrella is hosting a blog party! This will be my first and I am soo excited! If you aren't familiar with blog parties, it's basically a bunch of random questions that you post on your blog and then answer, and you can win prizes. Prizes for telling people random things about myself?? That's my kinda partay!

What are two songs that describe you?     How do I choose??? probably It is well by Horatio Spafford, and everything of Kristian Stanfill's. He pretty much sings my life!

What do you most fear? Night - Not the dark, just Night.  

What color(s) dominate(s) your wardrobe? It's pretty well rounded.  But I have a lot of gray

How do you normally do you hair? Normal and my hair don't belong in the same sentence! I usually do whatever my hair will let me! sometimes it's up and sometimes it's down, Like a roller coaster!!

Do you prefer milkshakes or smoothies? Both! My mom makes the best smoothies but sometimes ya just need some ice cream!

Do you like the color pink? Not as a main colour but in small doses I love it!

What is your favorite flower? Lilies, Roses, Tulips, Cherry Blossoms, Apple Blossoms, Dog Woods, Daffodills, Mums, Dandelions, Wild flowers, Crepe myrtle flowers, Magonlias, Eggplant Flowers, Bean Flowers........  I kinda Like flowers 

How many states have you been to? welll, I have driven through 13 but I have only stopped and done things in 10.

What is your favorite thing about June? Hard question! June is to hot in my opinion, but I like all of the summery things - swimming, marshmellows, and cook outs!
Describe your "dream wedding location." An old old church with bridesmaids in red, white, and light blue, and birch trees outside, and lots of flowers and homemade doughnuts at the reception. yes, I know its odd but that's the way the cookie crumbles!  {Is it strange that I know what my bridesmaids will wear and what food will be at the reception, and not my dress or the men's clothes???}

Soo there you are!


Lucia Marie said...

Hi Makenna!

So lovely to see you joining in our our big summer "bash." :) Love the answers you chose! You have a loverly blog here. <3


Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating Makenna! I loved reading your answers!

You have a very lovely blog btw!