Friday, July 1, 2011


Last Friday my family was priveleged to be a part of a church in a month day project in Port Orange FL {yes, everything in Florida is "orange"..}. We were asked to bring some desserts for lunch. One of the things we brought was snickerdoodles - one of my families favorite cookies. So we came home with only like 1/3 of what we made. Ok, to the real purpose of this post {there is no real purpose actually, except to make you giggle...}. Wednesday morning, Holly and I were home alone. After eating lunch, we finished off the last 2 snickerdoodles. Here is {my side} of the converstaion that went on during this delicious dessert:

Me: Oh my Goodness, These cookies are soooo good!

Holly: {mouth full of cookie} hmajifsaldhgsfhihrwhgshgiargoiwlghlsf!!! lfdjhsaifiwehflsd! shdflshglsgf.  {yes, that's exactly what she said!}

Me: ~cracking up~ 

Holly: Are you laughing at me???!!

Me: {finally able to talk} Partially, {peals of laughter} I started- Laughing- because you sound- so funny- then- then I was laughing because- you thought I was laughing- at you and that was even- funnier {HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA}


{Five minutes later}

Me: So what did you say???

Holly: I said, those guys who ate our cookies better have eaten our cookies and liked them. If they didn't, I'll line em up and smack em and stuff the cookies in thier mouths!!!
{More Laughing}
Yep, it was pretty awesome. I hope I made you smile!


Holly Lou said...

Oh my word... Can't believe you posted about me smacking people! It was really funny though... and if you aren't laughing right now... well.. guess you just had to be there! =]

Shannon said...

It sounds like a very sweet time, and memories to be cherished!

In Christ,