Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Official - I'm Gettin Old!

Tuesday was Caleb's 12th birthday!  And suddenly I realized that I'm getting old. Really. Old.

"I'm getting old" is a phrase I use relatively often.  When someone's baby starts walking, or talking, or some other mile mark is reached and I can remember when they were born (usually less than 5 years ago).  So yesterday I suddenly realized that my brother is a year away from being a TEENAGER and I can remember when he was born!

I remember finding out that He was a boy and wailing that I wanted a sister.  I remember spending the night with some friends, and driving to the hopital the next morning.  Everytime we hit a red light, we would sing out "Green light! Green light!' trying to convince the light to change.  I remember stopping at the hospital giftshop to get a blue teddy bear for him.  I remember looking at the perfect, red little baby that was my new brother.  I remember watching him grow

So yes, I am getting very. very. old.

For pictures and things you can go to my Momma's blog and read her post!

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Shannon said...

Happy 12 Birthday Caleb! Oh, I feel old too! My brother is now 11 and I feel as though it was yesturday that I was that old! My, how the time goes by... :)

In Christ,