Friday, August 12, 2011

Three Days...

Three days, yall! Only three more days!   Whoop Whoop!!! 

Ok, yall are probably like what is this girl talking about??! 

Wellll.... in three days... Drumroll please... {drdrddrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdr} Adventures in Odyssy Album Fifty-four comes out!!!  I am so excited {I'm sure yall couldn't tell ;) } I can't wait to hear what's gonna happen...

Does Wooton marry Penny?  When will Jason come back for good?  Album fifty-three was the begining of so many stories, I can't wait to find out how they will play out!

 Sooo, You can go to and listen to half of the first episode. Or you can be like me and wait a few weeks until they start playing on the weekends. Or you could just not listen at all. Which would be pretty lame.  AAAHHH! I am so excited

Plus... Monday's episode is Wootons Broken Pencil - definitely one of my favorites!


Shannon said...

Yes, we are pretty excited about the new album. Number 53... I just couldn't put it down! I am looking forward to hearing the new ones... I believe my brother even pre-ordered it!

Many Blessings,

{PS~ Wooten's broken pencil show is very good as well... one to listen to over and over... hehe!}

Jean Marie said...

I LOVE AIOdessey.....used to listen to them ALL the I almost never sad. Sometimes though when I'm babysitting, I get the chance. :)

Love you!