Monday, September 5, 2011

I Have Strange Dreams

Once I had a dream that Jack Snyder ( a friend from church) was the king of a little country near Italy.  We were visiting him, and suddenly we were in this part of the castle that looked like a combination of the POA (back when the pews were teal) and a cathedral, and there was this guy trying to kill him. but he didn't.

So, last night I had a dream that it was snowing. In Florida. In September. and everyone was wearing short-sleeve shirts and flip flops and no one was cold.  Except it wasn't flurries or snowflakes falling lightly on the ground, it was snowballs.  Like 4-5 inches wide.  But they didn't hurt.  And then my phone starting ringing. Except I don't have a phone. And it was President Marco Rubio.  He said that the snowballs were starting to turn into bird eggs and that I had to find a way to catch them so they wouldn't be broken and the little birds could hatch. And I had like 3 seconds to figure out what to do because the eggs were already falling.  So I was trying to figure out what to do, and had come up with a plan to use wash baskets and all of a sudden, wash bskets appeared in everyone's hands.  The bottoms were paded with pillows and blanket and the eggs began to fall into them.  Soon they hatched and everyone in the world was skipping around, holding the chicks, and singing about fairyland (I may or may not have been reading Freckles before I went to bed ! )   ).

Pretty strange aye?

"To fairyland we go,
With a song of joy, Heigh-o.
In dreams we'll stand upon that shore
And all the realm behold;
We'll see the sights so grand
That belong to fairyland,
It's mysteries we will explore,
it's beautieswill unfold.
Oh, tra, la, la, oh, ha, ha, ha! we're happy now as we can be,
Our welcome song we will prolong, and greet you with our melody.
Oh fairyland, sweet fairyland, we love to sing."

Happy September Ya'll!

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Shannon said...

Dreams are a very funny event! I enjoyed reading about yours, for it brought a smile to my face and lughter to my heart!
{And any dream that has snow in Florida and Marco Rubio as President is a great dream! Especially the snow... :) }

Many Blessings,