Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pinterest Loves

The first time I ever heard of pinterest was on a friends blog.  She had an entire post titled (you guessed it!) Pinterest loves... That was several months ago and since than I have positively fallen into pinterest love!  Sooo... here are a few of my pinterest loves...  {I think she limited herself to about 10... let's just say I have. uh. a few more than that! Consider yourself forewarned!}

 Love the bowl!
 Pretty and Lovely..
 Too True
 Tee Hee!
 I want this chair!
I {heart} vintage boots!

 Some day, I will wear this...
 Love everything in here...
 Drink Station!
 I want a hat like this.
 I will spend my honeymoon in a place like this.  In approximately 5 years or so...
 Doing this Tonight!
 Benches with Burlap...
 Old man shoes!
 I want to live in a southern plantation house!
 Love the plates. Love the dresser!
 I can't decide which I like better - the skirt or the room!
 Looove sliding doors!
 Swate Tae is my panacea.
 As Jean Marie said - Southern Born and Southern Bred!
 So glad I was born that way!
 I want to go here SOON!
 What If???
 Big Big Sigh...
Soo pretty!

 I want a Willow Tree...

 When I grow up I want to live in a tree.

 I love!

 Hearts and Candles...

 Bed side Table
 My apoligies to all of my skinny friends!!





 Like dropping a stack of books on the ground???!


 YUP. I'm better than Normal - I'm me!

Cause That's what I just did!

Well... Did you make it to the end?? Maybe I shoulda just found a way to get my own pinterest??!

P.S. - I just realized that Every single one of my posts thus far has been labeled Random!  Maybe I'm just a random person!  Hey Look - a squirrel!


Erin said...

Love it! I have a Pinterest account and it is more than a little addicting. ;)

Tammy said...

I love you!!! Randomness and all =)

Shannon said...

I love all of the old fashion, feminine, and southern pictures best of all.... but they are all so wonderful!

Love In Christ,

Jean Marie said...


We are so so addicted.