Monday, November 14, 2011

Barberville 2011

Me, Lauren, Holly, Jean Marie, Becs, and Shannon

HAHAHA!! Not quite sure what Jean Marie's face means... but it's adorable!

I had such fun with ya'll! Maybe next time we can stay a bit longer!


Jean Marie said...

AWWW!!! These are great! I'm so bummed that I totally forgot to take pictures of you all. Where was my crazy mind?!

It was SWEET to see you all - maybe you can come to Christmas Remembered on December 10th!!! :)

That'd be wonderful. Love you all!
~Jean Marie

Shannon said...

It was so nice to see you and your sister there! {If only it could have been longer...:) } Hope that you had a wonderful time, and that the Lord will bring us together again soon!

In Christ,

Emily Brower said...

How did I not see this?? Did I see you there? If I did, I don't remember. We were 2 weeks from wedding day and I had a lot on my mind, haha.
You'll have to come back up for the Frolic!!

And, I'm not sure why I never come to your blog... I had some trouble getting my google profile to follow blogs when I changed email and blog last year... and I used to pretty much only go to blogs if I followed them and they had something new, haha. I'll try and follow yours now...

MaKenna Morgan said...

EmilyCase Brower (yes, my whole family says your name like that ;)) - We never got to see each other that day... A friend was getting married later that day, so we had to leave early :(

I hope we can go to the spring frolic... then I can hold David, and see your baby belly, and hear the train mouse story (Jean Marie says she can't tell us w/out you there!), and get to see all of Ya'll!