Thursday, June 21, 2012

100 Days of Fitness

A little over a week ago my Marmee, sister, and I heard about something called 100 days of fitness. Basically you do at least 15 minutes of high intensity cardio everyday for 100 days. If at any time you miss a day, you have to go back to day one. Each day you're supposed to post about it on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. Soooo, although I've been doing it, I haven't posted about it anywhere, until today when I got the genius idea of blogging! Sooo.... Day 10 - 3 mile indoor walk/jog (mostly walking!) (I had a very nice picture for ya'll, but blogger wouldn't let me upload it... Oh well, it'll have to wait until tomorrow!) I {heart} working out!


Shannon said...

The joy after working out is so wonderful, feeling refreshed and healthy... {though in the process it may not be as fun!} It is so important to keep our bodies strong and healthy for the Lord... thank you for your sweet reminder!


MaKenna Morgan said...

Shannon - I completely agree, the thought of getting up and working out is tiring in itself, but by the cool down, You feel so pumped! Working out with someone else definitely helps. My Marmee, sister and I work out together, and it is so much more fun that way! Thanks for your sweet comment! MaKenna